Our Goal...

To Faster an environment in which our Residents and staff value their Connection with one another and to provide the best satisfaction to all our residents and their families who trust us and leave their loved ones in our hands.

Care for the Living


Shalom Foundations is integrating it’s programmes and services, and consciously moving from welfare towards development and long term sustainability for seniors. Shalom Foundations is working closely with Senior Citizen Associations and encouraging seniors to speak up for their own rights. In our continuing fight against poverty, isolation and neglect of elders in our society, we have made significant strides.  The aim is to help elders rebuild their own lives and take charge of their own future, restoring within them a sense of self worth & confidence.

Advocacy is one of the strongest tools for impact and change; it is gaining impetus with sensitization of school principals, urging them to include Value Education on Age Care in school curriculums. In order to create a secure financial net for elders HelpAge is also pushing forth Reverse Mortgage for seniors. To deal with the rising crime against elders, an awareness campaign was launched sensitizing decision makers to take action.


Care for the Old Aged People



Education for the Poor


* To provide vocational training for unemployed and uneducated youth and girls for employment
* To form self-help groups for rural women and girls and to improve their saving and credit.
* Support youth and child development programs
* To provide relief and rehabilitation activities for victims of natural disasters
* To provide communities with old age homes, orphanages and child care centers.
* To provide communities with relief and rehabilitation activities.
* To provide child development programs through Evening Schools .


Food for Hungry


Will be Updated Soon...


Funeral Support


A Funeral Service has come to fill two important needs in todays society. First of all, it provides for the dignified and respectful care of the deceased. Equally important, the funerals service helps the survivors face the reality of death, the first big step towards overcoming grief. It brings together close friends and relatives who can lend support and consolation when they are needed most.

And, it affords those friends and relatives and opportunity to express the love and respect they feel for someone who was important to them. Many times, just seeing how much others cared can be a tremendous help to a family in adjusting to their loss. As on this day no one knows when lifes journey is at an end. At that particular moment family members may be most distressed.

It is at this point of need that Shalom Foundations will make arrangements of a dignified funeral. At times our service, will much more beyond your loved one is away.